• 06-05-2008: Merged all releases found in UbuntuForums in this project.
  • 04-12-2004: Packaged Jeroen's patch to avoid having to patch the kernel. It now builds independently.


  • Creative WebCam PD1001 Linux driver

    This driver is an attempt to provide support for webcams based on the extinct manufacturer Endpoints EP800 chip.


    This driver was started by Jeroen Vreeken but stopped working for 2.6 kernels. Some years later, the community came back to support it, and new versions started to pop up. That's why I decided to create this project.


    As of 2008, the driver is working in limited circumstances. Developers report success, but it might be not stable for your particular distribution. Please give it a try and use the forums and trackers to get help and/or submit patches. You may find some docs in the source tree. Do not expect, however, either immediate support, or even support at all; this driver is being developed as time permits.

    Download & Installing

    See download page. You can also use the SVN repository for the latest developments.

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